Elhovo – Dare to come!


Етнографско-археологически музей - Елхово

If you traveling south of the main transport connections in Bulgaria after the town of Yambol you will reach one unknown and preserved region of ecological atmosphere and biodiversity. This is the region of Elhovo located on the lands of Lower Tundzha river. Now slow down and enjoy the flat landscape of Elhovo field surrounded by Sakar mountain, Derventski, St. Ilia and Monastery Hills. Reduce a little more, because you’re getting into a several protected areas and it is possible to meet various representatives of the Wildlife which is typical for the nature along the river of Tundzha. The river of Tundzha is the main natural reason for the large biodiversity of the region and for life existing on these lands centuries ago.

Arriving in this part of Bulgaria every visitor is returning 50 years back in time and have the exceptional opportunity to discover the forgotten traditions and customs of our forefathers. In these lands the main features of the modern way of life occurred with very slow speed. Values and traditions are still transmitted from generation to generation which prevent them to be loss or forget.

Local people called visitors “guests of the town”, and in every house everybody knows … when there is a guests, tables is order with homemade products, tradition Bulgarian pastry and homemade wine called “Alzhirka” (it is local red aromatic wine).

Linden along the central pedestrian area of Elhovo, arranged gardens in every house, beautiful buildings of the church, museum, municipality administration, schools, hospitable people – friendly and helpful and do not forget the delicious meals – all this things make guest-passenger to go with excellent impression.

The town of Elhovo is a center of civilizations since ancient times in the lands along the river of Tundzha. Staying there you have the opportunity to explore and observe the whole area and feel the spirit of the local people. Don’t miss to see the three reserves located along the river of Tundzha, discover the Thracian heritage, exceptional ethnography, cultural heritage and extraordinary natural landscapes.

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